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Today Good Morning Images and Quotes ideas

Today! Here are some good morning quotes to start your day on a positive note:

“Roses are red, violets are blue, the only thing sweeter than sleep is you.” @Unknown Quotes

today good morning images and quotes

“I can’t wait for the morning to arrive now. I’m dying to meet you, baby. Good morning and hope to see you soon!” @Unknown Quotes

best good morning images and quotes

“Morning’s melody, a symphony grand. Embrace its rhythm, let your spirits expand.” @Unknown Quotes

famous good morning images and quotes

“Be grateful to God for giving you the best life and another beautiful morning. Have a cool day ahead!” @Unknown Quotes

amazing good morning images and quotes

“Wake up to a new day that is filled with tons of happiness and opportunities. Wishing you all the best for your future. Have a great morning!” @Unknown Quotes

true good morning images and quotes

“As dawn breaks, let worries cease. Embrace the possibilities, find inner peace.” @Unknown Quotes

amazing good morning images and quotes

“In the morning, instead of saying to yourself, ‘I got to wake up’ say ‘I get to wake up!'” @Erykah Badu

short good morning images and quotes

“Get up my darling. I hope you are starving. Because I have made an omelet with the filling of kisses!” @Unknown Quotes

deep good morning images and quotes

“In morning’s embrace, find solace deep. Embrace its serenity, let your soul leap.” @Unknown Quotes

cute good morning images and quotes

“Thank you, Lord, for giving you strength and will remove the bad phase of your life. Have a delightful morning, dear!” @Unknown Quotes

sweet good morning images and quotes

“My love, I hope you have an amazing morning. I hope the sun is as bright as your smile, and the sky is as blue as your eyes!” @Unknown Quotes

cool good morning images and quotes

“The sun ascends a radiant sight. Embrace its warmth, fill your day with light.” @Unknown Quotes

daily good morning images and quotes

“Good morning! Today is going to be a lovely day.” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes for him

“It’s just a morning but I’m missing you so much. Good morning sweety, giving you the warmest hug and sending you kisses.” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes for her

“As the sun rises, let it inspire you to rise above any challenges and make the most of every precious moment. Good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

nice good morning images and quotes

“I wish Jesus fills every day of your life with maximum happiness and peace. Have a blissful night!” @Unknown Quotes

now good morning images and quotes

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” @Ralph Marston

new good morning images and quotes

“Good morning! Remember, every day is a fresh start. Leave behind yesterday’s worries and embrace today’s blessings.” @Unknown Quotes

top good morning images and quotes

“May God guide you to walk in the right direction as you start your new day. Have a peaceful morning, Amen!” @Unknown Quotes

simple good morning images and quotes

“Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello!” @Unknown Quotes

free good morning images and quotes

“Wishing you a morning filled with gratitude and a day filled with joy. Good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

online good morning images and quotes

“Dear, always be grateful for this beautiful day that God has given you. Have a soothing morning!” @Unknown Quotes

google good morning images and quotes

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” @Ralph Marston

just good morning images and quotes

“Good morning! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments.” @Unknown Quotes

medium good morning images and quotes

“May happiness, good health, and joy always be on your side. Wishing you a fantastic morning, afternoon, and whole life.” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes Pinterest

“Good morning to the best decision I ever made!” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes Instagram

Keep spreading positivity, wherever you go. Good Morning!! @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes Reddit

“I wish and pray that God keeps nothing but goodness and good luck on your path ahead. Have a blessed morning, friend!” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes Tumblr

“The morning hour has gold in its mouth.” @German proverb

good morning images and quotes Twitter

“Good day, my dear friend!” You are capable of extraordinary feats. Believe in yourself and make today unforgettable.” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes Facebook

Short Good Morning Images with Quotes

“You are such an amazing friend. May the Lord continue to protect and guide you all the time. Have a joyful morning!” @Unknown Quotes

good morning images and quotes Whatsapp

“Good morning, lovely. I’m sending you this message first thing in the morning so that you can think about me all day long.” @Unknown Quotes

dark good morning images and quotes

” Accept the day and let your soul triumph.” @Unknown Quotes

black good morning images and quotes

“I pray to God this beautiful morning he accepts all your prayers in no time. Have an outstanding day with lots of love!” @Unknown Quotes

funny good morning images and quotes

“Morning not only forgives, it forgets.” @Marty Rubin

encouragement good morning images and quotes

“With each sunrise comes a new chance to begin.” @Unknown Quotes

blessed good morning images and quotes

“By the grace of God, every moment of your life is amazing and full of joy. Wishing you a lovely day, love!” @Unknown Quotes

life wisdom good morning images and quotes

“Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all night.” @Unknown Quotes

inspirational good morning images and quotes

“Allow your heart to soar and eliminate all gloom.” @Unknown Quotes

thought good morning images and quotes

“May good health, success, and joy always be your side. I wish you the sweetest morning, afternoon, and night!” @Unknown Quotes

motivational good morning images and quotes

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” @Winston Churchill

positive good morning images and quotes

“In the light of the morning, possibilities bloom.” @Unknown Quotes

spiritual good morning images and quotes

“Forget all your worries before starting a new day with complete trust in God. Have a blessed morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“If you were here, I’d make you whatever breakfast you wanted as long as it was a bowl of cereal.” @Unknown Quotes

“May your day be as bright as your smile.” @Unknown Quotes

“I pray that God keeps nothing but happiness on your path ahead. Have a wonderful morning, dear friend!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning! You’re the best and I love you. That’s all.” @Unknown Quotes

“Best wishes and positive vibes to start your day.” @Unknown Quotes

“I pray to God, may he keep blessing with us another beautiful day. Enjoy every moment.” @Unknown Quotes

“I wish I were there to hit the snooze button with you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Every morning brings a new chance to connect with your inner spiritual self.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning dear, friend! Forget about yesterday because the new day will bring a lot of new opportunities to you. Best of luck and make the most of it!” @Unknown Quotes

“Just a morning reminder that you make the world a better place!” @Unknown Quotes

“Start your busy day with a heart full of gratitude and a peaceful mind.” @Unknown Quotes

“If you want to get successful in life, then start with the will to succeed. That will lead you to the right path to success. Have a great and positive morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I hope you spend your day thinking of me. I’ll be thinking of you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, everyone!” Allow your soul to be awakened to the splendour of this new day.” @Unknown Quotes

“Never believe in taking motivation and inspiration. Always believe in yourself and make your own way to achieve your goal. Good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Morning to my most fabulous friend!” @Unknown Quotes

You are my first thought this morning, and you will be my last before I sleep. @Unknown Quotes

Deep Good Morning Quotes and Images

“Every morning gives you a new opportunity. You have to just go out and grab it with full zeal. Keep smiling at the start of this new day. Have a blessed and spectacular good morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“The best part of my morning is you. I love waking up by your side.” @Unknown Quotes

“I really hope you had a good sleep. Please wake up now because my mornings are incomplete without you. Good morning, my love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Another fresh day fresh plan, fresh hope, fresh success, fresh efforts. Good Morning, dear friend!” @Unknown Quotes

“Feeling particularly blessed to call you my friend today.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, my guiding star! Without you, I would have lost in a darkness of the universe.” @Unknown Quotes

“You are the joyful pieces of sugar in my life. Have a great ahead!” @Unknown Quotes

“I think of you every morning and dream of you every night.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, sweet face. I feel like you are the reward for everything I’ve done right in my life.” @Unknown Quotes

“Hello my dearest friend, thank you for making my life fantastic, seamless, and full of jubilance and merrymaking.” @Unknown Quotes

“Rise and shine, bestie!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to the most beautiful girl in this world. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead, dear.” @Unknown Quotes

“Life is much better and full of happiness when someone has a best friend like you. I wish you the best morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I was dreaming of you all night long.” @Unknown Quotes

“Every small change is part of big success. Have a great Good morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“Your two eyes are the greatest gift God has given that you open these to see this elegant world. Be grateful to God. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning! What are you excited for today?” @Unknown Quotes

“It’s good to celebrate success, but more important is to learn from failure. Good morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“If you have the willpower to win your snooze button, no one can stop you from turning your dreams into reality. Have a great day! Happy Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to the most gorgeous lady ever.” @Unknown Quotes

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” @Unknown Quotes

“May your most beautiful dreams become a reality. Good morning, beautiful!” @Unknown Quotes

“Missing having you so close in my life. Have the best day.” @Unknown Quotes

“Every morning is a beautiful morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“I pray the sun shower you with peace, prosperity, and blessings in the days ahead. Good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I just wanted to say good morning to my favorite guy.” @Unknown Quotes

“Embrace the light, where there is hope.” @Unknown Quotes

“Thank you so much for making each morning so beautiful. Have a great morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Hope you’re feeling better today. You’re a rockstar who deserves the most.” @Unknown Quotes

“As morning breaks, the darkness fades.” @Unknown Quotes

Just Good Morning Blessings Images and Quotes

“I pray that you achieve all the goals that you have been working hard to achieve in life. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I was never a morning person until I started waking up with you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Embrace the day with a smile.” @Unknown Quotes

“I hope your morning is as glowing and beautiful as your smile. Happy Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Rise and shine! Shine and rise! Let Mr. Sunshine in your eyes!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning! Hope you have a beautiful day.” @Unknown Quotes

“Mornings define the entire day, so get out of your bed, make some coffee for yourself, and kickstart your day.” @Unknown Quotes

“You brighten my day, every day. Good morning, sweetie!” @Unknown Quotes

“Embrace the splendour or the morning sun, there’s nothing to miss.” @Unknown Quotes

“Sun reminds us every morning to be grateful for what we have today in life, not what has passed. Have a fantastic morning to all!” @Unknown Quotes

“Come over and hit the snooze button ten times with me?” @Unknown Quotes

“Wake up to the gentle kiss of dawn.” @Unknown Quotes

“Behind me, every joy and happiness is only you who has sacrificed many things for mine. Love for you and good morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“Even the most beautiful day is incomplete without you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Enjoy the day, full of ease.” @Unknown Quotes

“Have a fabulous morning to the craziest and most beautiful sister in the world. Enjoy your every morning to the fullest.” @Unknown Quotes

“I need you more than I need my coffee in the morning, but the coffee will have to do for now. Can’t wait to see you later!” @Unknown Quotes

“May your day sparkle and your dreams come true.” @Unknown Quotes

“My life has always been colorful because of your presence, my sweet sister. Thank you so much for everything. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Here’s a hug and a kiss to start your day.” @Unknown Quotes

“Morning’s embrace, a new gift.” @Unknown Quotes

“You are the real treasure of the world. I am very lucky to have you as my sister. Good morning to you!” @Unknown Quotes

“You are the morning light that fills my life.” @Unknown Quotes

“Forget tomorrow, say goodbye to sorrow. Think about the future, let your life rapture. Good morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“Hey my lovely sister, a spectacular good morning to my pillar of support! You are the reason I keep on beautiful dreaming, Sis.” @Unknown Quotes

“Wishing you a morning as cheerful as your smile.” @Unknown Quotes

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.” @Unknown Quotes

“I never believed in angels unless and until God gifted me with a beautiful sister like you. You will forever be special to me. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I don’t need coffee on the mornings I wake up with you.” @Unknown Quotes

“This dawn will never come back into your life. Get up and make the most of the situation. Hello and good morning.” @Unknown Quotes

New Encouragement African American Good Morning Quotes and Images

“Many thanks for inspiring me and believing in me. I love you so much, big brother. Sweet good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“You mean everything to me. Enjoy this lovely morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to the world’s most handsome brother. Having a brother is such a big blessing to me. Be always happy and positive!” @Unknown Quotes

“You’re the reason I start my day with a smile.” @Unknown Quotes

“The biggest treasure of our lives is our loved ones and friends. Always cherish them. Have a cool and fresh morning to the love of my life!” @Unknown Quotes

“Wishing you a sweet morning to my sweet brother and my greatest friend! May your day be as lovely as you are.” @Unknown Quotes

“How you start your morning will prescribe how your day goes. So, start your day with a lot of positive energy and a smile. Have a great and lovely morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Sweetheart, it’s morning and time to wake up. I send you hugs and many kisses my love.” @Unknown Quotes

“You are my sunshine that brightens up my life with glows and happiness. Every morning I want to start a day by thanking my sunshine good morning my love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Greetings to my lovely and wonderful brother. I hope this amazing morning brings to you great joy and blessings.” @Unknown Quotes

“Wishing you a very good morning, dear! Take life challenges day by day and be grateful for the little things.” @Unknown Quotes

“Just wanted to let you know you’re the greatest gift in my life.” @Unknown Quotes

“May this pleasant morning bring a lot of joy and happiness that will last throughout the day. Good morning, Jaan!” @Unknown Quotes

“I wish you a very blessed morning. May this morning bring to you the happiness and joy I find in you as a brother.” @Unknown Quotes

“Waking up in the morning and seeing your beautiful smiling face makes my day. Good Morning, sweetie!” @Unknown Quotes

“I love you more than you know. Good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Your filled my life with peace, love, and joy my only wish is that my every morning starts with you next to me. Good Morning, my everything!” @Unknown Quotes

“My life has become much better as you’ve come into my life, thanks for being there, sweetheart!” @Unknown Quotes

“Until this afternoon, my love.” @Unknown Quotes

“The biggest source of motivation is your own thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to win.” @Unknown Quotes

“I wish you a very fantastic good morning to the love of my life. I hope darling your day is as bright as you do to me. Stay positive, and stay relaxed!” @Unknown Quotes

“I love the smell of coffee in the morning, but I love you even more!” @Unknown Quotes

“No matter how stressful life is, it all disappears as soon as I wake up and listen to your beautiful voice and see a smiling face. Good morning, my sunshine!” @Unknown Quotes

“I hope you can spend the morning taking it easy.” @Unknown Quotes

“Each and every morning is the grace of life since it starts with your pretty smiley face of yours. Good Morning, honey!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, my love. I still can’t understand why I deserve such happiness, but I thank God for you every day.” @Unknown Quotes

“You are the key to every happiness and joy in my life and the one with whom I want to spend my entire life. Have a gorgeous day, darling!” @Unknown Quotes

“I’d give anything to spend the rest of my life waking up next to you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to one of the most beautiful women in this world. You are the queen of my heart, and my life is impossible to live without you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to the love of my life! Have an amazing day, sweets.” @Unknown Quotes

New Good Morning Wishes

“From morning to evening and from evening to morning, my love will carry on forever. You are the greatest husband a girl could ever have.” @Unknown Quotes

“Wake up, my love. Food and flowers await you!” @Unknown Quotes

“I always live in the moments I spend with you. My only truth is you. Even my life is a lie with you. Have a fantastic morning, darling!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, sweetie! Thank you so much for being the best part of my life.” @Unknown Quotes

“Each morning I am surprised that I ended up with such a caring, loving, and handsome husband. Wishing you the best morning of the day!” @Unknown Quotes

“Waking up next to you is the best part of my day! See you later, baby.” @Unknown Quotes

“Hey baby, your sweet good morning smile melts away my all fear and worry in no time. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“May this new day bring you endless miracles and blessings!” @Unknown Quotes

“My whole day is perfectly complete the moment when you get up and smile. I wish you a great day ahead and your love is awesome, my dear husband!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, darling! Hope your day starts off fresh!” @Unknown Quotes

“babe, your lips take me to paradise. I long for your good morning kiss each and every day. Good morning my hubby!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning honey! Starting the day with you makes everything feel better.” @Unknown Quotes

“I was thinking about why mornings are so peaceful and refreshing then I realized, it’s only because you are in my life. Good Morning, baby!” @Unknown Quotes

“Sending you these virtual hugs and kisses to help you start your day!” @Unknown Quotes

“You’ve given me everything I need in life. You are the perfect kind of husband that takes care of everything. Good Morning, love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Rise and shine, my love.” @Unknown Quotes

“My lovely husband, you are the only one to whom I love you the most in this world. I cannot stay here alone. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Every dream I had was of you. Waking up to you just made them come true!” @Unknown Quotes

“You’re the one about whom I think always when I wake up early in the morning. Good morning sweetie and have a nice day!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to the person who never fails to make me smile.” @Unknown Quotes

Spiritual African American Good Morning Quotes

“Like this bright morning Sun, you always light up my world and add warmth to my life. Have a spectacular day honey!” @Unknown Quotes

“Watching the sunrise in the morning is spectacular, but it’s nothing compared to your smile.” @Unknown Quotes

“Hey baby, enjoy this sunny morning to the fullest. May your every morning bring a bring smile and positivity to your life. Have a blessed morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“Enjoy your day, sweetheart.” @Unknown Quotes

“Have the prettiest good morning my love! I hope today, everything may go well and your all plans may complete in the right today. So much love!” @Unknown Quotes

“What a treat, waking up next to you.” @Unknown Quotes

“I am wishing you a refreshing and cool morning to the most handsome boy of my life. You are the reason why my life is so much colorful!” @Unknown Quotes

“I think of you every morning and dream of you every night.” @Unknown Quotes

“You are crucial to me just like the Sun is crucial for the planet to survive. I can’t imagine a day of my life without you. Good Morning, love!” @Unknown Quotes

“You look so cute and cozy in the morning. Many kisses and I’ll see you later.” @Unknown Quotes

“Hey, baby, I cherish the sun, but sometimes it rises early. I wish I could get more time to dream about you. Good Morning Jaanu!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning! How did you sleep?” @Unknown Quotes

“Your beautiful smile makes my day, your love makes me complete. I love you Jaan and a very fantastic good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to the person whose smile always lights up the room!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning my sweetheart. Spread charm and love all around me. Have a wonderful and beautiful morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, my love!” @Unknown Quotes

“May this morning be right and fruitful for you. Wishing you a super cool morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Your love is beyond generous and I wake up grateful each morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“This morning is as beautiful as your sweet smile. The sun is just as warm as your love feeling, and the wind is just as refreshing as your company. Good Morning, my sweet love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Morning, cutie. You’re the reason I can start every day with a smile on my face.” @Unknown Quotes

Blessed Good Morning Quotes

“Every morning I get up thanking God for giving me one more day to prove my love for you is real. Good Morning, baby doll!” @Unknown Quotes

“I wake up every day feeling like I won the lottery because of you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Hey, sweetheart, as soon as open your eyes make my day so amazing and look so attractive. Good morning to my sweetie!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning honey, I love you more than words can say. Have a wonderful day!” @Unknown Quotes

“I am sending you lots of smiles, hugs, and sweet kisses to make your morning extraordinary. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Feeling blessed to have you in my life this morning and every morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I would l like to fill your morning with love, care, and tenderness. You are the only one in my life and will always be. Good Morning my girlfriend!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning! I can’t wait to see you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning baby darling! As I open my eyes each day, all I want to see is you. I sent you kisses and hugs in my thoughts.” @Unknown Quotes

“Morning, love bug! Have a great day!” @Unknown Quotes

“The best feeling in the world is to tell you are mind and that I am yours. Every morning is enough for me to have the best day!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning sunshine! I am so blessed to have you in my life.” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, beautiful! You spoiled me with your kindness and care, and now I cannot begin my day without saying good morning to you.” @Unknown Quotes

“Morning kisses from afar!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, honey.! Thank you so much for coming to life and making it extraordinary!” @Unknown Quotes

“Only a few things are priceless for me in this world. One of them is seeing your smile every morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“Every morning for me is an opportunity to love, respect, care for you, and make you feel so amazing all day long. Good morning my sweetheart!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning, my love! Hope you have a fantastic day.” @Unknown Quotes

“I really hope you had a good sleep. Please walk up now since my mornings are really incomplete without you. Good morning Jaan!” @Unknown Quotes

“Do you know why the sun rises every morning? Just to see your beautiful smile.” @Unknown Quotes

Positive African American Good Morning Quotes

“Good morning Janeman! here’s wishing you a wonderful day filled with love and joy every second of happiness. I love you so much!” @Unknown Quotes

“Woke up thinking about you, sweets. Love you as always!” @Unknown Quotes

“Stop being afraid of what can go wrong. Just start being very excited about what can go right. Have a lovely day!” @Unknown Quotes

“Meet a new day, sweetheart! I promise to fill it with my unconditional love, hours of laughter and endless happiness!” @Unknown Quotes

“Your health doesn’t come from medicine. Most of the time it always comes from peace of mind, peace of heart, peace love, and laughter. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Who needs caffeine when I have you?” @Unknown Quotes

“Good Morning! Never try to downgrade your dreams to match your reality, upgrade your belief to match your destiny. Good Morning, my love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Wake up my love. Flowers, smiles and laughter are waiting for you.” @Unknown Quotes

“The wind is touching your skin, sun rays are kissing your cheeks, wake up my sweetie, and have an amazing day!” @Unknown Quotes

“Just thinking of you gets me ready for my day. Good morning, love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Don’t think about what you failed to achieve yesterday, think about what are you going to achieve today. Have a very good morning, love!” @Unknown Quotes

“May every morning of your life shower you with blessings. Praying for a beautiful and memorable day for you my dear.” @Unknown Quotes

“May your home be filled with God’s presence, happiness, love, peace, blessings, and favor. Have a pleasant day, darling!” @Unknown Quotes

“Don’t think I can spend another morning without you.” @Unknown Quotes

“I want to see your face when I open my eyes in the morning. You are my lucky charm dear, the one who keeps me motivated. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“May God give you all the strength to face the challenges in life today and every day. Good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Tomorrow is never promised. So appreciate and love the people in your life today. Have a wonderful day, my life!” @Unknown Quotes

“I hope you had a good sleep! Good morning, love.” @Unknown Quotes

“Life is too short and each second is precious, so make the most of it, and begin with a positive mind and a smile on your face. Good Morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“I miss you, and I hope you’re having a wonderful morning.” @Unknown Quotes

“I pray on this lovely morning that you accomplish all the goals that you have been striving to obtain in life. Have a sweet good morning!” @Unknown Quotes

“Good morning to you, my one and only.” @Unknown Quotes

“Even if life is full of uncertainties. But there will always be a sunrise after each and every sunset. Good Morning, my sweetest love!” @Unknown Quotes

“I really hope you had a good sleep. Good morning, my love!” @Unknown Quotes

“Have a pleasant good morning! Wake up, dear. A wonderful morning is waiting for you and it cannot wait forever!” @Unknown Quotes

“Every morning I wake up, you inspire me to pursue my goals and become a better person.” @Unknown Quotes

“As I open my eyes to see this wonderful sunshine, it gives me the warmth of your love. Good morning, sweetheart!” @Unknown Quotes

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