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Today Ignore Quotes ideas

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

@Aldous Huxley

today ignore quotes images

“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

@Mother Teresa

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“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

@Nicholas Klein

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“Words can sting like anything. But silence breaks the heart.”

@Suzanne Nichols

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“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


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“Everyone wants to be liked; everyone wants approval. No one likes being ignored.”

@Daniel Mallory Ortberg

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“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

@Walter Cronkite

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“There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters… I could be their leader.”

@Charles M. Schulz

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“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”

@Fernando Pessoa

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“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

@F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

@Daniel J. Boorstin

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“Some children who are looked after, either by foster-parents or who reside in children’s homes, are also sometimes emotionally abused and neglected.”

@Dorota Iwaniec

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

@Martin Luther King Jr.

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“True happiness comes from within, not from someone else. Don’t make the mistake of waiting on someone or something to come along and make you happy.”

@Marc and Angel

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“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”


dark ignore quotes images

“Long neglect has worn away, Half the sweet enchanting smile; Time has turned the bloom to gray, mold and damp the face defile.”

@Emily Jane Brontë

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“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

@Harlan Ellison

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“Even the most intense feelings cease when neglected and taken for granted.”

@Anupama Garg

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“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”

@Rumi Jalalud-Din

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“We will not take this anymore. These words will never be ignored. You want a battle, here’s a war.”

@Bullet for My Valentine

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Short Being Ignored Quotes

“Ignorance killed the cat; curiosity was framed!”

@C. J. Cherryh

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“The opposite of love is not hatred, it’s indifference.”

@Elli Wiesel

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“Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.”

@Robert J. Sawyer

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“There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.”

@Arundhati Roy

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“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.”

@Mark Twain

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“Once everyone thought you were crazy, they ignored you even when you told the truth.”

@Thomm Quackenbush

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“I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”

@Galileo Galilei

“It is impossible to treat a child too well. Children are spoiled by being ignored too much or by harshness, not by kindness.”

@Sloan Wilson

“Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.”

@Margaret Atwood

“Being ignored is a great privilege. That is how I think I learned to see what others do not see and to react to situations differently. I simply looked at the world, not really prepared for anything.”

@Saul Leiter

“How marvelous books are, crossing worlds and centuries, defeating ignorance and, finally, cruel time itself.”

@Gore Vidal

“You’re ignoring me so loud that it’s deafening. This silence is so deep that it’s echoing.”

@Anna Jae

“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.”

@John Lennon

“It’s not a good idea to argue with ignorant people but sometime ignorance can’t be ignored.”

@Adnan Safi

“If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you’ll never learn.”

@Ray Bradbury

“Understand that I am even ignored by the opposite sex on the internet.”

@Vann Chow

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

@Soren Kierkegaard

“Being taken for granted can be a compliment. It means that you’ve become a comfortable, trusted element in another person’s life.”

@Joyce Brothers

“There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.”

@G.K. Chesterton

“If the people in the audience are talking, you’re being ignored. If the people are gazing at you, you’ve got something they want to hear.”

@Chuck Berry

Just Ignorance is Bliss Quote

“When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple. Just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do.”

@Randy Pausch

“The cold iron of neglect is sharper to a child’s sensitive nature than any alteration of harshness and affection.”

@Annie Edwards

“I’d take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day.”

@Douglas Adams

“Powerful words that penetrate the psyche are not forgotten while silence is.”

@Donna Lynn Hope

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

@Benjamin Franklin

“These doorsteps seldom have a visitor. The warping boards pull out their own old nails with none to tread and put them in their place.”

@Robert Frost

“She was already learning that if you ignore the rules people will, half the time, quietly rewrite them so that they don’t apply to you.”

@Terry Pratchett

“Well tended gardens are better than a neglected wood lot.”

@Dixie Lee Ray

“It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored.”

@David Levithan

“He also knew that rivals are best unmanned by being ignored.”

@John Irving

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.”

@Ayn Rand

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

@Frank Chimero

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

@Atwood H. Townsend

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”


“People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true.”

@Terry Goodkind

“What is a neglected child? He is a child not planned for, not wanted. Neglect begins, therefore, before he is born.”

@Pearl S. Buck

“People have a habit of inventing fictions they will believe wholeheartedly in order to ignore the truth they cannot accept.”

@Libba Bray

“I grew up like a neglected weed – ignorant of liberty, having no experience of it.”

@Harriet Tubman

“Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.”

@Paulo Coelho

“When you’re nothing, people will ignore you but when you’re on top that’s when everybody swears they know you.”

@Lincey Alphonse

Famous Hurt Ignore Quotes

“It’s much easier not to know things sometimes.”

@Stephen Chbosky

“When your friends are ignoring you that means they weren’t your friends from the beginning, they were just acting like it.”

@Nishan Panwar

“Children aren’t happy with nothing to ignore, And that’s what parents were created for.”

@Ogden Nash

“If you often feel alone, ignored, or forgotten, think about this: closing the door and locking yourself in won’t change anything—literally and figuratively.”

@Richelle E. Goodrich

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”

@Benjamin Franklin

“Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does.”

@Jeff Hood

“I understand what you’re saying, and your comments are valuable, but I’m gonna ignore your advice.”

@Roald Dahl

“A spark neglected makes a mighty fire.”

@Robert Herrick

“Ignorance, the root and stem of every evil.”


“She would have called after him but for the dread of being ignored.”

@Ian McEwan

“He thought her beautiful, believed her impeccably wise; dreamed of her, wrote poems to her, which, ignoring the subject, she corrected in red ink.”

@Virginia Woolf

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

@Mahatma Gandhi

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.”

@C.S. Lewis

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.”

@Venus Williams

“Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.”

@Agatha Christie

“Your harshest critic is always going to be yourself. Don’t ignore that critic but don’t give it more attention than it deserves.”

@Michael Ian Black

“When in doubt, ignore and be horribly unimpressed”

@Laurell. K. Hamilton

“No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party who ignores her sex.”

@Susan B. Anthony

“Knowing your own ignorance is the first step to enlightenment.”

@Patrick Rothfuss

“I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.”

@Georgia O’Keeffe

Amazing Ignorant People Quotes

“Education is a system of imposed ignorance.”

@Noam Chomsky

“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.”

@Helen Frankenthaler

“The evil that is in the world almost always comes from ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.”

@Albert Camus

“A lot of communities pretend they don’t have homeless and just ignore them or try to make them go away.”

@Alexandra C. Pelosi

“That’s one thing Earthlings might learn to do, if they tried hard enough: Ignore the awful times and concentrate on the good ones.”

@Kurt Vonnegut

“I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend.”

@Helen Reddy

“If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.”

@Isaac Asimov

“If we intend to provide a better life, and a better world, for future generations, we can’t ignore the quality of the environment we leave them.”

@John Kasich

“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.”

@Anne Frank

“I’ve learned to ignore the negative people and just be a living example of confidence and self-love.”

@Khoudia Diop

“People are supposed to fear the unknown, but ignorance is bliss when knowledge is so damn frightening.”

@Laurell K. Hamilton

“Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.”

@Robert Heller

“People that have trust issues only need to look in the mirror. There they will meet the one person that will betray them the most.”

@Shannon L. Alder

“Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent’s pressure, and the temporary failures.”

@Vince Lombardi

“I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance.”

@bell hooks

“There’s more people to ignore in New York or Boston than there are in Milwaukee, but I would still ignore them, probably.”

@Zack Greinke

“They say ignorance is bliss…. they’re wrong ”

@Franz Kafka

“I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.”

@Les Brown

“Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way.”

@Sherry Argov

“It is easy to ignore responsibility when one is only an intermediate link in a chain of action.”

@Stanley Milgram

“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.”


“You can’t ignore politics, no matter how much you’d like to.”

@Molly Ivins

“Happiness is always there. You just have to choose to see it. There’s no point dwelling in the dark and ignoring the light of the stars.”

@Carrie Hope Fletcher

“You try to do the best with what you’ve got and ignore everything else. That’s why horses get blinders in horse racing: You look at the horse next to you, and you lose a step.”

@Jimmy Iovine

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”


“I’d love to be the first one to say this, but it automatically turns into – we all have those responsibilities that we ignore because we don’t feel like they’re ours.”

@Rosario Dawson

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

@Saul Bellow

“It is true that a fellow cannot ignore women – but he can think of them as he ought – as sisters, not as sparring partners.”

@Jim Elliot

“I’m afraid if I listen to my heart once, I’ll never figure out how to ignore it again.”

@Colleen Hoover

“I struggle with deciding when to answer or ignore the constant speculation about my private life, because I feel like that doesn’t belong to anybody but me.”

@Lauren London

“All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction”

@Dalai Lama XIV

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”

@James A. Michener

“Ignorance is the parent of fear.”

@Herman Melville

“We ignore our feelings a lot, I realize. Many of us have to… until they really bite us in the butt.”

@Queen Latifah

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”

@Abraham Lincoln

“Using social media to hurt and destroy is callous, acted out by cowards hiding behind computers. My advice is to ignore negativity. Focus on the love around.”

@Martin Garrix

“Kids who don’t eavesdrop on adult conversations are doomed to a childhood of ignorance.”

@Kelley Armstrong

“When men are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple. Just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do.”

@Randy Pausch

“Life,” said Marvin dolefully, “loathe it or ignore it, you can’t like it.”

@Douglas Adams

“There is almost no limit to the ability of investors to ignore the lessons of the past.”

@John C. Bogle

“The only person that deserves a special place in your life is someone that never made you feel like you were an option in theirs.”

@Shannon L. Alder

“Everyone has that inner voice, the one that’s a Negative Nancy. I’d say to ignore that voice and to be confident and follow your heart.”

@Katharine McPhee

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

@Thomas Jefferson

“We cannot have people leaking classified information at any level, and we certainly take that very seriously and would not ignore that.”

@Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“I won’t let your ignorance silence my pain”

@Tomi Adeyemi

“Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people.”

@Adrian Mitchell

“Forgive me. I continue to underestimate the breadth of your ignorance.”

@Ransom Riggs

“Humans can no longer ignore nonhumans: they end up haunting the words we use and interrupting everyday talk.”

@Timothy Morton

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

@Steve Martin

“I have learned not to ignore instincts. While making a film, when your gut feels that you are going wrong, please take that seriously.”

@Zoya Akhtar

“I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. If we’re supposed to ignore everything that’s wrong with our lives, then I can’t see how we’ll ever make things right.”

@A.S. King

“When people are putting pressure on me I just completely ignore it.”

@Zayn Malik

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

@James Baldwin

“Ignore the ignorant.”

@Ricky Martin

“Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference which is an elegant name for ignorance.”

@G.K. Chesterton

“Never ignore someone with a disability, as we don’t realize how much they can inspire.”

@Sudha Chandran

“Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall.”

@Jodi Picoult

“I have to learn to ignore my feelings. Not just the feeling of hunger and the feeling of full, but the feeling of embarrassment, too. I have to remember that this is only weird if I make it weird.”

@Joey Chestnut

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

@Will Durant

“Trust me that as I ignore all law to help the slave, so will I ignore it all to protect an enslaved woman.”

@Susan B. Anthony

“To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today.”

@Isaac Asimov

“It’s wonderful to feel supported, but there’s a lot of negative energy towards me as well. So I ignore it, to be honest. If I started to read it all it would completely mess up my head.”

@Sienna Miller

“A man is responsible for his ignorance.”

@Milan Kundera

“Parents were invented to make children happy by giving them something to ignore.”

@Ogden Nash

“Because I do not wish to know,” he says. “I prefer to remain unenlightened, to better appreciate the dark.”

@Erin Morgenstern

“By the time a child reaches out to an adult, the vast majority of kids have been dealing with the bullying and trying to ignore it for a long time.”

@Rosalind Wiseman

“The truth is like salt. Men want to taste a little, but too much makes everyone sick.”

@Joe Abercrombie

“Never ignore your intuition about friendships and people’s intentions towards you.”

@LeToya Luckett

“The most violent element in society is ignorance.”

@Emma Goldman

“If we support human rights, we cannot ignore legalized brutality against any group of our global community.”

@Kerry Kennedy

“I think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away, or ignore it, or tell ourselves we’re imagining it. Because it is the most painful kind of hope there is.”

@Rae Carson

“We want the facts to fit the preconceptions. When they don’t it is easier to ignore the facts than to change the preconceptions.”

@Jessamyn West

“Isn’t it funny how we live inside the lies we believe?”

@A.S. King

“Happy Song’ is a sarcastic open letter to the world about how we use superficial and trivial things to ignore the real problems.”

@Oliver Sykes

“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.”

@Richard Dawkins

“As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth.”

@Boris Pasternak

“Occasionally he stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.”

@Winston Churchill

“Pretty girls behave best when you ignore them. Of course, they have to know you are ignoring them, for otherwise they may not even know you exist.”

@Chetan Bhagat

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