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“From ‘How the Planets Trade’, by Ignace Wodlecki: Cosmopolis, September, 1509: In all commercial communities the prevalence or absence of counterfeit money, spurious bills of exchange, forged notes-of-hand, or any of a dozen other artifices to augment the value of blank paper is a matter of great concern.”

@Jack Vance

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“My purist comedy friends accuse me of being a Jack of all trades and master of none.”

@Marcus Brigstocke

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“Success comes by strengthening your strengths more than improving on your weaknesses. If you can maximize the potential of your strength then you become a champion while if you work harder on your weaknesses you be come Jack of all trade.”

@Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

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“If you’re starting out or trying to get to the next level, surround yourself with people who keep you motivated and energized – people who inspire you to achieve your best every day. When you do this, you can’t lose.”

@Anthony Famiglietti

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“Across the Oikumene precise duplication and reproducing machines are readily available; and only meticulous safeguards preclude the chronic debasement of our currency.”

@Jack Vance

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“Regardless of how dead we feel in a crowd, we cling to the uniquely American assumption that associating is good and necessary and solitude is suspect.”

@Laurie A. Helgoe

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“They sought not merely to conquer the world but to institute a global order based on free trade, a single international law, and a universal alphabet with which to write all languages.”

@Jack Weatherford

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“The trouble is that after nine years as a Jack of all trades and Master of the Dominican Order, I have no expertise on anything except airports and exotic foods.”

@Timothy Radcliffe

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“These safeguards are three: first, the single negotiable currency is the Standard Value Unit, or SVU, notes for which, in various denominations, are issued only by the Bank of Sol, the Bank of Rigel and the Bank of Vega. Second, each genuine note is characterized by a ‘quality of authenticity’.”

@Jack Vance

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“Just as one can compose colors, or forms, so one can compose motions.”

@Alexander Calder

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“Marvin had held a variety of jobs, from golf caddy to bartender at a strip club, before landing work as John Kerry’s body man four years earlier.”

@Barack Obama

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“You should sit,” I tell Cal, finally growing tired of his vengeful intensity. “Unless you plan on wearing your way through the floor?”

@Victoria Aveyard

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“It’s a strange role, the body man: a personal assistant and jack-of-all-trades responsible for making sure that the candidate has everything he or she needs to function, whether a favorite snack or a couple of Advil, an umbrella when it’s wet or a scarf when it’s cold,”

@Barack Obama

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“I wouldn’t say that I’m a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, but I wouldn’t say that I’m brilliant at any.”

@Noel Clarke

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“Thirdly, the three banks make widely available the so-called ‘fake-meter’. This is a pocket device which, when a counterfeit note is passed through a slot, sounds a warning buzzer.”

@Jack Vance

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“When Thurgood Marshall became a lawyer, race relations in the United States were particularly bad.”

@Constance Baker Motley

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“Jack of all trades, master of none, better than a master of one.”


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“I like the collarbone, a very clean collarbone. I think there’s something also very delicate and balletic about that part of a woman’s body, and I’m not really a cleavage person, but I do like a back or a shoulder; I think there’s something very alluring about backless dresses.”

@Gugu Mbatha-Raw

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“As all small boys know, attempts to disassemble the fake-meter are futile; as soon as the case is damaged, it destroys itself. Regarding the ‘quality of authenticity’ there is naturally a good deal of speculation.”

@Jack Vance

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“Each and all, we are riding into the dark. Even living, we cannot remember half the events of our own days.”

@Loren Eiseley

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Short Jack of All Trades Master of None Full Quote

“occupation into which you can throw yourself wholeheartedly. 20. Lack of concentration of effort. The “jack-of-all-trades” seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim.”

@Napoleon Hill

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“As a person of color, you’re in a PhD level racism class, every day. Every day, I’m in a deep racism seminar. And I’m not saying that white people aren’t taking that class, but they don’t show up that often and they’re auditing it.”

@W. Kamau Bell

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“Apparently in certain key areas, a particular molecular configuration is introduced, resulting in a standard reactance of some nature: electrical capacity? magnetic permeability?”

@Jack Vance

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“I think if you have ability and talent in one way, you have it in all ways. I’m not a jack of all trades; I’m a master of many. I don’t feel there is anything I can’t do if I want to.”

@Evel Knievel

“You can be extraordinary in anything but not in everything.”

@Amit Kalantri

“Nina Dobrev makes my job easy, its hard not to melt when she looks at you with those doe eyes.”

@Ian Somerhalder

“photo-absorption or reflectance? isotopic variation? radioactive doping? a combination of some or all of these qualities? Only a handful of persons know and they won’t tell.”

@Jack Vance

“I’d rather be a Jack-of-all-trades than master of one. If I became an icon, where my whole life was music, I would probably have become a vegetable. I wouldn’t be able to have all these talents I have today and be an interesting ‘character.'”

@Dick Dale

“When you’re undercover, you have to be a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve been everything from a cook to a chemical warfare specialist—though in the Army that’s not such a big difference.”

@Nelson DeMille

“The door partly opens, and Deacon rests his hip on the frame and looks me up and down as if he has no idea who I am. He’s wearing gray sweatpants with CORVALLIS UNION HIGH SCHOOL printed up the leg, his hair all askew. He’s shirtless, whether for effect or for comfort I’m not sure.”

@Suzanne Young

“A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

@David Epstein

“I’m not one for walking the beaches humming a melody. I love the discipline of sitting in the studio, writing and listening. That is my domain.”


“The hero jack-of-all-trades on-call engineer does work, but the practiced on-call engineer armed with a playbook works much better”

@Betsy Beyer

“The characters and events depicted in the damn bible are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

@James Madison

“One decision about team composition that early-stage startups often wrestle with is whether to hire for attitude or skill. This is a delicate balance.”

@Tom Eisenmann

“I always liked acting in school and drama classes, but when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always told them I wanted to be a singer. I didn’t want to be a jack of all trades. I wanted to master one.”

@Eliza Doolittle

“Depth gets context with breadth and vice versa.”

@Richie Norton

“Remember one thing about democracy. We can have anything we want and at the same time, we always end up with exactly what we deserve.”

@Edward Albee

“If founders hire mostly for attitude, their team will be comprised of highly motivated, hardworking, jack-of-all-trade generalists who will shift readily between tasks as circumstances require. Hiring for cultural fit can yield similar results,”

@Tom Eisenmann

“Jack of all trades, master of none…He’d always thought knowing many things gave him strength. Now it made him feel vulnerable.”

@Rachel Caine

Amazing Quote Jack of All Trades

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”


“Except that, very rarely, when the sun shines on her in the same way the sun’s rays light up the inside of Stonehenge once a year, Jack finds Ruthy mesmerising.”

@Jonathan Dunne

“A cavalry scout is generally thought to function as the eyes and ears of a commander during battle. But in fact, a scout’s role extends quite a bit further.”

@Clinton Romesha

“you’ve clearly been charged with hiring a jack-of-all-trades. And Dr. Auden is that mythical creature you seek: fully qualified to teach British and American literature, women’s studies, composition, creative writing, intermediate parasailing, advanced sword swallowing, and subcategories and permutations of the above.”

@Julie Schumacher

“We refer to ourselves as “jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none,” and we are trained to have a working familiarity with—quite literally—every job in the army.”

@Clinton Romesha

“Jack of all trades or master of one? If you’re a master of one, you’ll soon be a master of none. Times are a changin. Be a jack of all trades. Or better, master of many!”

@Richie Norton

“We are experts in reconnaissance, countersurveillance, and navigation, but we’re also extremely comfortable with all aspects of radio and satellite communications. We know how to assemble and deploy three-man hunter/killer teams.”

@Clinton Romesha

“That is the nature of falsehoods. Like a small debt incurred, the interest builds, and when collection is due, the burden is much greater than the original lie was worth.”

@M.A. Nichols

“We’re pretty good at blowing things up using mines and high explosives. We can function as medics, vehicle mechanics, and combat engineers. And we have a thorough understanding of every single weapons system, from a 9-mm handgun to a 120-mm howitzer.”

@Clinton Romesha

“Automation won’t take your job, but the self-inflicted imprisonment of industrial isolation will.”

@Richie Norton

“I’m not a jack of all trades. Nor do I want to be.”

@Germany Kent

“Let’s be serious, I wasn’t a jack of all trades. I was just a jack-off of none. A hubristic fool who lived in my mind, certain I was better than everyone. An irredeemable asshole that for some reason people tolerated and occasionally even liked.”

@Aaron Goldfarb

“Solution: The CEO takes full responsibility for educating themselves, whether indirectly through coaching, or directly by getting involved in actual projects. Fatal Mistake 2: Thinking Account Executives Should Prospect (Making Account Executives Jacks-Of-All Trades)”

@Aaron Ross

“There are species that can run faster, climb higher, dig deeper, or hit harder, but humans are special because we can run, climb, dig, and hit. The phrase jack of all trades, master of none fits us perfectly.”

@Nathan H. Lents

“I wanted to be an Author…Now I’m an Author, Marketing apprentice, Jack of all trades and master of none!”

@Miriam Davison

Just Jack of All Trades Full Saying

“While the methods of enforcing regulation varied between countries, the concept that they all shared in common was that women in the sex trade should shoulder the blame for the transmission of syphilis.”

@Hallie Rubenhold

“jack of all trades master of none but once you learn how to juggle you rarely drop the ball”

@Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

@William Shakespeare

“While it is possible to be competent with both hands in a given activity, ambidexterity works on the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-jack principle.”

@Shehan Karunatilaka

“Great entrepreneurs are the jack of all trades, master of some.”

@Arian Adeli Koodehi

“I must go through life a jack of all trades, and wanting. Am I to be cursed with dilettantism till I die? […] Am I, the most inveterate and consistent worshipper of the shrine of Beauty in all my life never to accomplish something beautiful?”

@John Phillips

“Jack of all trades, master of none, though often better than a master of one.”

@Adam Savage

“He’s part of the gig economy of the criminal underworld, you could say. A real jack of all trades.”

@Antti Tuomainen

“In the modern workplace, you gotta be a jack-of-all-trades. Mastering your career is all about being adaptable, versatile, and always learning.”

@Shubham Shukla

“We have even distorted a famous colonial praise, “Jack of all trades” to derogatorily mean “master of none.” Originally , the intent was to honor a person who could meet whatever challenges arise. For”

@Leigh A. Bortins

“…each individual can only do one thing well. He can’t do lots of things. If he tries, he will be jack of all trades, and master of none.”


“20. Lack of concentration of effort. The “jack-of-all-trades” seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim.”

@Napoleon Hill

“Jack of all trades, master of none”

@Geffray Mynshul

“They were also lucky to have two electricians. Well, one really. The other was mostly a jack-of-all-trades. Funny how in this new reality, all those fancy university degrees weren’t good for more than wiping your ass with. Soon, it would be the tradesmen who would rule the world.”

@Griffin Hayes

“His tavern sign bore witness to his feats of arms. He had painted it himself, being a Jack-of-all-trades who did everything badly.”

@Victor Hugo

Famous A Jack of All Trades Full Quote

“The real Doctor Fitzpiers was a man of too many hobbies to show likelihood of rising to any great eminence in the profession he had chosen, or even to acquire any wide practice in the rural district he had marked out as his field of survey for the present.”

@Thomas Hardy

“You can achieve anything, but not everything.”

@Amit Kalantri

“depth of knowledge is important, but people who have depth without breadth do not become the sort of jack-of-all-trades that a founder needs to be.39”

@Noam Wasserman

“Jack of all trades, master of none…He’d always thought knowing many things gave him strength.
Now it made him feel vulnerable.”

@Rachel Caine

“I think of them as tools,” said Ned. “Each one has its role. The slipper, the running shoe, the hiking boot—you want to wear a shoe that’s made for the specific activity. Multipurpose shoes are sad little things: jacks of all trades, masters of none.”

@Nell Goddin

“People know that Jacks of All Trades are Masters of None, and people seek out masters. They trust specialists. Try to appeal to thousands, and you will appeal strongly to no one. Find a niche.”

@Harry Beckwith

“Your calling is not just one thing; it’s a few things. The trick is to not be a jack-of-all-trades but to become a master of some.”

@Jeff Goins

“A generalizing specialist is more than just a generalist. A generalist is a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none, whereas a generalizing specialist is a jack-of-all-trades and master of a few. Big difference.”

@Jan Jursa

“The most successful bloggers are those who are focused and not all over the place. In other words, they are experts in a particular niche or field and are not Jacks-of-all-trades.”

@Jason Wolf

“The sense in which I do take myself to be a failure is this. I have scattered myself too much. I think I had it in me to make something like a real contribution to philosophical or ethical thought. Unluckily … I have been a jack of all trades; and instead of striking home, have only done enough to persuade friendly judges that I could have struck.”

@Leslie Stephens

“Alf was a jack-of-all-trades, carpenter, tinsmith, blacksmith, electrician, plasterer, scissors grinder, and cobbler. Alf could do anything, and as a result he was a financial failure although he worked all the time.”

@John Steinbeck

“I know something about everything and everything about something, a jack-of-all-trades and master of one.”


“wasn’t that the way with every builder? No one had all the skills. You come in as a carpenter and they want more and more of you. Plastering, plumbing, roofing. So you say yes to get the work.”

@Derek Smith

“Social workers are bastards,”

@Derek Smith

“he himself would have fought back. Not easy when you’re naked,”

@Derek Smith

“England being England, weather is changeable.”

@Derek Smith

“Beautiful, they extolled, that much bandied word, that should be restricted to descriptions of children, flowers and birds of paradise.”

@Derek Smith

“filth was one of the things that turned you off sex. Smell and stains.”

@Derek Smith

“Twenty-two guys chasing a ball and a whole crowd screaming their heads off. It was an absurd ritual,”

@Derek Smith

“Lack of concentration of effort. The “jack-of-all-trades” seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim.”

@Napoleon Hill

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”.”

@Viktor Vicsek

“If you’re talking to a coworker, no matter if it’s a janitor or an executive, always remember there’s a person behind that job—they’re more than a tool or a resource.”

@Clifford Hudson

“There are about 8 billion people in this world at least 1 million would love to meet you, you just haven’t found each other yet.”

@Jack of All Trades

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